Among the Shadows by Bruce Robert Coffin

Among the Shadows

by Bruce Robert Coffin

on Tour September 12 - October 14, 2016


Among the Shadows by Bruce Robert CoffinFall in Portland, Maine usually arrives as a welcome respite from summer’s sweltering temperatures and, with the tourists gone, a return to normal life—usually. But when a retired cop is murdered, things heat up quickly, setting the city on edge.
Detective Sergeant John Byron, a second-generation cop, is tasked with investigating the case—at the very moment his life is unraveling. On the outs with his department’s upper echelon, separated from his wife, and feeling the strong pull of the bottle, Byron remains all business as he tries to solve the murder of one of their own. And when another ex-Portland PD officer dies under suspicious circumstances, he quickly realizes there’s much more to these cases than meets the eye. The closer Byron gets to the truth, the greater the danger for him and his fellow detectives.
This taut, atmospheric thriller will appeal to fans of Michael Connelly and John Sandford.

I love finding new authors series to follow. I am a sucker for a good mystery and I am already looking forward to Detective Byron's next adventure.
It is clear while reading the book that Bruce Robert Coffin is a former detective sergeant. You can tell he knows his police procedures. And I do thoroughly enjoy a book that is realistic and believable.


The Coniston Case by Rebecca Tope

The Coniston Case

by Rebecca Tope

on Tour September 2016

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and business at Persimmon 'Simmy' Brown's flower shop is booming. But when Simmy fulfills a string of anonymous delivery orders, she is startled to realize that each contains a secretly menacing message for the recipients. When one of the people who receives a bouquet disappears, it seems that her worst fears have been confirmed.
As if that isn't enough, Simmy's friend Kathy turns up, on the trail of her wayward daughter Joanna, who she fears has grown too close to one of her university tutors. When Kathy attempts to reason with her daughter she finds that Joanna's older lover may be even more dangerous than she had imagined. With both Kathy and Joanna in peril, Simmy and her friends find themselves caught up in a web of deception, blackmail and murder…

Book Details:

Genre: Cozy Mystery & Detective Published by: Harper Collins/Witness Impulse Publication Date: August 12, 2016 Number of Pages: 384 ISBN: 9780062567420 Series: Lake District Mysteries #2 Purchase The Coniston Case on Amazon & Barnes & Noble. Or Learn More at Goodreads.
I truly do enjoy reading cozy mysteries. They are always so much fun to read, so easy going while still having to pay attention to solve the mystery. And I always enjoy it when the sleuth has such a mundane job as (in this case) owning a flower shop and then somehow getting sucked into trying to solve a murder.


Escape to Redemption by Peter M. Parr

Genre: Contemporary
Publisher: Roundfire Books
Source: I received an ecopy from the author for review
Josie only had the gun to frighten Curtis Rook, but his son disturbed her. One startled reflex and now he's dead. Josie flees to Poland leaving her boyfriend Snaz to take the rap. A reformed criminal offers her refuge from the police and the chance to begin a new life, but she cannot hide from her guilt. As the stakes rise, Josie begins to realise that only her own forgiveness can set her free. Fast-paced and original, Peter M. Parr's contemporary take on Crime and Punishment challenges traditional ideas about guilt and redemption, and the meaning of forgiveness.
I read Escape to Redemption in one sitting. It is a very intriguing read and not because there is a lot going on, but to see how people react during this moral dilemma. You see them change emotionally for good and bad.


Blue Moon by Wendy Corsi Staub

Blue Moon

by Wendy Corsi Staub

on Tour July 25th - August 26, 2016


Blue Moon by Wendy Corsi StaubNew York Times bestselling author Wendy Corsi Staub returns to Mundy’s Landing—a small town where bygone bloodshed has become big business. Hair neatly braided, hands serenely clasped, eyes closed, the young woman appeared to be sound asleep. But the peaceful tableau was a madman’s handiwork. Beneath the covers, her white nightgown was spattered with blood. At daybreak, a horrified family would discover her corpse tucked into their guest room. The cunning killer would strike again . . . and again . . . before vanishing into the mists of time. A century ago, the Sleeping Beauty Murders terrified picturesque Mundy’s Landing. The victims, like the killer, were never identified. Now, on the hundredth anniversary, the Historical Society’s annual “Mundypalooza” offers a hefty reward for solving the notorious case. Annabelle Bingham, living in one of the three Murder Houses, can’t escape the feeling that her family is being watched—and not just by news crews and amateur sleuths. She’s right. Having unearthed the startling truth behind the horrific crimes, a copycat killer is about to reenact them—beneath the mansard roof of Annabelle’s dream home...

Book Details:

Genre: Thrillers, Suspense Published by: William Morrow, Mass Market Publication Date: July 26th 2016 Number of Pages: 448 ISBN: 0062349759 (ISBN13: 9780062349750) Series: Mundy's Landing #2 Purchase Links: Amazon Barnes & Noble Goodreads

I can definately enjoy a chilling, psychological thriller. And the more credible the more difficult it gets to put it down. Wendy Corsi Staub truely do does know how to come up with a thrilling story. She had me flipping the pages till the very end.


Blood Symmetry by Kate Rhodes

Blood Symmetry

Kate Rhodes

on Tour July 11 - August 20, 2016

Blood Symmetry by Kate Rhodes


Clare Riordan and her son, Mikey, are abducted from Clapham Common early one morning. Hours later, the boy is found wandering disorientated. Soon after, a container of Clare's blood is left on a doorstep in the heart of London.
Psychologist Alice Quentin is brought in to help the traumatized child uncover his memories, with the hope that it might lead the authorities to his mother's captors. But Alice swiftly realizes Clare is not the first victim… nor will she be the last.
The killers are desperate for revenge… and in the end, it will all come down to blood.

Book Details:

Genre: Thrillers, Crime Published by: Witness Impulse Publication Date: July 12, 2016 Number of Pages: 368 ISBN: 1444785605 (ISBN13: 9781444785609) Series: Alice Quentin #5 Purchase Links: Amazon Barnes & Noble Goodreads

Blood Symmetry is a well crafted, fast paced, suspense novel. It is easy to get involved with the characters.