Top Ten Tuesday #4

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by Tahleen @ The Broke and the Bookish.

This weeks feature:
Top Ten Books at the Top of my Spring TBR list! In no particular order.

Science Fiction

I have read so many good reviews for this one I must see if they are right.


This one has been sitting on the shelf for too long and since I just received American Elsewhere I think the time has come to start and read.


Interview Kari Lee Townsend + Giveaway

Today I welcome back Kari Lee Townsend back on the blog. Trouble in the Tarot, the third book in her Fortune Teller Mystery series will be out tomorrow. I love this series and I am very pleased to have her back on the blog.

*Tell us in one sentence why we should read the Fortune Teller Series.

If you like a touch of humor, romance, quirky characters, a mysterious immortal cat and light paranormal books, then the Fortune Teller Mysteries are sure to be your cup of tea :-)

*Why did you decide to write Paranormal Cozy Mysteries?

I love anything paranormal. It has always fascinated me. I once had my tea leaves read, as well as my palm and a past life reading. All were uncanny in their accuracy. I figured I would be researching the various fortune-telling tools anyways, so why not share what I learned with my readers. It's so much fun writing about something I'm passionate about.


Back from the Dead by Peter Leonard

Genre: Thriller
Series: Harry Levin #2
Publisher: The Story Plant
Buy the book: Book Depository
Source: I received an ecopy from the publisher

Bahamas, 1971. Ernst Hess, missing and presumed dead, regains consciousness to find himself stuck in a hospital bed on a strange ward in a foreign country. He must do what he needs to do to get his life back and to finish the job he has been doing for decades.
Harry believes he has already stopped Hess. When he finds out that the war criminal has somehow survived, Harry must do the only thing he can do - kill Hess again - even if it means crossing continents and putting his life and the lives of those that matter to him on the line.
*This review contains spoiler from the first book Voices of the Dead*

I was not expecting a sequel to Voices of the dead so I was quite surprised when I got the review request, don't get me wrong it was a very pleasant surprise. 


Excerpt - Between Dark and Light by D.A. Adams

Chapter 3 
The Life That Should Have Been 

In the faint light of dawn, Crushaw squatted and drew a crude map in the dirt near the gate to Kwarck’s farm, outlining the western mountains, the Mother of Ice, and the plains. Then, he marked where he wanted the ogres to set their defenses, several miles south of their border within the lands of Rugraknere. From traveling those lands with Roskin, he remembered an expansive field north of the last town they had stopped in that would serve perfectly. Across from him, Vishghu and Kwarck quietly watched, each staring intently at his scheme.