Strong Cold Dead by Jon Land

Strong Cold Dead

by Jon Land

on Tour October 2016


Strong Cold Dead by Jon Land coverIn her storied career as a Texas Ranger, Caitlin has confronted all manner of villains, but nothing that’s prepared her for the terrorist group ISIS’s pursuit of a devastating weapon on Lone Star State soil. The land in question lies on an Indian reservation where a drilling operation steeped in mystery and controversy is about to commence under the auspices of shadowy billionaire Cray Rawls.
But Rawls is only one of Caitlin’s problems. Her surrogate son Dylan, the oldest boy of her reformed outlaw lover Cort Wesley Masters, has joined the tribe to protest Rawls’ desecration of the sacred Indian lands. The same desecration that has unearthed an ancient evil Caitlin’s own great-great-grandfather fought nearly 150 years before. There’s also a twisted genius who’s uncovered the true nature of that evil, a young man with whom Caitlin shares a past now poised to deliver Armageddon from Texas’ canyonlands.
To save millions from a horrible fate at the hands of ISIS, Caitlin and Cort Wesley must sort through a web of death and deceit as tangled as the blood-soaked grounds of the reservation that hold a deadly secret. A secret that’s the source of a battle rooted in the past and now destined to determine the shape of the future.

Book Details:

Genre: Thriller Publisher: Forge Books Publication Date: October 4th 2016 Number of Pages: 352 ISBN: 0765335131 (ISBN13: 9780765335135) Series: Caitlin Strong Novel #8 Get Your Copy of Strong Cold Dead by Jon Land on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or add it to your list at Goodreads

 When reading Strong Cold Dead you really need to pay attention, there is so much going on. So much characters that pop in and out, different storylines and different timelines. Before you know it you missed something. And that would be a shame, 


Among the Shadows by Bruce Robert Coffin

Among the Shadows

by Bruce Robert Coffin

on Tour September 12 - October 14, 2016


Among the Shadows by Bruce Robert CoffinFall in Portland, Maine usually arrives as a welcome respite from summer’s sweltering temperatures and, with the tourists gone, a return to normal life—usually. But when a retired cop is murdered, things heat up quickly, setting the city on edge.
Detective Sergeant John Byron, a second-generation cop, is tasked with investigating the case—at the very moment his life is unraveling. On the outs with his department’s upper echelon, separated from his wife, and feeling the strong pull of the bottle, Byron remains all business as he tries to solve the murder of one of their own. And when another ex-Portland PD officer dies under suspicious circumstances, he quickly realizes there’s much more to these cases than meets the eye. The closer Byron gets to the truth, the greater the danger for him and his fellow detectives.
This taut, atmospheric thriller will appeal to fans of Michael Connelly and John Sandford.

I love finding new authors series to follow. I am a sucker for a good mystery and I am already looking forward to Detective Byron's next adventure.
It is clear while reading the book that Bruce Robert Coffin is a former detective sergeant. You can tell he knows his police procedures. And I do thoroughly enjoy a book that is realistic and believable.