Cruise to Murder by Zoey and Claire Kane

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Series: The Zoey and Claire Mystery Series #2
Publisher: Breezy Reads
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Source: I received an ecopy from the author

When The Sunburst, an elite celebrity cruise ship, sets sail to Kinikiwiki Island, trouble follows billionaire Felix Belmont across the high seas. The curiosity of a mother-daughter-duo gets them tangled up in voodoo, murders and an international conspiracy surrounding him. The islanders don't know it, but their lives are all in danger, too... And their only hope is vacationers Zoey and Claire Kane. 

After the whole ordeal with their new home the Hillgate Mansion Zoey and Claire are in need of a vacation. To bad this is not going to be one where they can relax. This time they go on a cruise and keep bumping into dead bodies, if only that was the worst they will encounter on this vacation.

The Riddles of Hillgate by Zoey and Claire Kane

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Series: The Zoey and Claire Mystery Series #1
Publisher: Breezy Reads
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Source: I received an ecopy from the author

Zoey is known around her town of Riverside for making bad decisions when it comes to auctions and real estate investments. When her savvy daughter, Claire, learns her most recent purchase is eighty acres on the haunted, desolate side of town, she is simply flabbergasted. This purchase soon reveals some hidden inconveniences, like—murder, skeletons, secrets, and the riddles of Hillgate Manor
This was a very entertaining and fun read. Zoey purchases a piece of land and when Zoey and her duaghter explore the it they find it houses an old, big and gorgeous house. Claire comes up with the idea to turn the house into a hotel. As soon as they open the hotel strange things start to happen.


Guest post Zoey and Claire Kane

Courage in The Dark

Zoey: Claire and I used to always think that the world was full of nice people, like our grocer and next door neighbor, and that there was nothing bad happening around us except for what was aired on the nightly news. It was quite by accident that we discovered a darker side to people; the nice guy with a criminal mind. Seeing this other side to life certainly has brought adventure to our ordinary circumstances, like investing in property, taking a cruise, and so forth.


Brutal and Perfection by Joel Andre + Giveaway

Look for the giveaway of "Kill 4 Me" by Joel Andre at the end of this post.

Genre: Horror
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Carol and Tammy Long have fought a constant battle with their weight all their lives. When a stranger on the television offers an amazing new diet plan with a weight loss success rate of 100 percent, Tammy feels like it was an answer to their prayers.As the pair ventures off to the Verde Valley Weight Loss Clinic things start to take a darker turn. The owner Kathy Black gives them a new take on the classic idea of perfection.Now, placed in a medical facility where they are constantly monitored, the women learn there is something wrong with perfection.

Genre: Horror
Series: Brutal #1
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One dark and warm October night in the heart of Arizona, a group of friends are out for an evening of fun. It was a night for celebration, and to draw them away from the world.
As they drink the night away, a dark and handsome stranger watches them in the distance. His observations going unnoticed as the girls focus on their own conversation.
Too drunk to make it home on their own, the stranger offers the group a ride home in his taxi. Reluctantly, the girls agree.
What follows is a dark and brutal act of revenge decades in the making.