Brutal and Perfection by Joel Andre + Giveaway

Look for the giveaway of "Kill 4 Me" by Joel Andre at the end of this post.

Genre: Horror
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Carol and Tammy Long have fought a constant battle with their weight all their lives. When a stranger on the television offers an amazing new diet plan with a weight loss success rate of 100 percent, Tammy feels like it was an answer to their prayers.As the pair ventures off to the Verde Valley Weight Loss Clinic things start to take a darker turn. The owner Kathy Black gives them a new take on the classic idea of perfection.Now, placed in a medical facility where they are constantly monitored, the women learn there is something wrong with perfection.

Genre: Horror
Series: Brutal #1
Buy the book: Amazon
One dark and warm October night in the heart of Arizona, a group of friends are out for an evening of fun. It was a night for celebration, and to draw them away from the world.
As they drink the night away, a dark and handsome stranger watches them in the distance. His observations going unnoticed as the girls focus on their own conversation.
Too drunk to make it home on their own, the stranger offers the group a ride home in his taxi. Reluctantly, the girls agree.
What follows is a dark and brutal act of revenge decades in the making.

Ok these are two short stories and let's be honost you either like to read short stories or you don't. I for one like to read short stories. One thing about reading short stories is that you get a little glimps in the kitchen of the author and you can see if it your taste and if you want more.

I enjoyed these stories. Where Perfection is al about two overweight sisters trying a new way to loose weight, which does not turn out the way they had expected. Brutal is all about the revenge one man seeks to give his life perpose again. Joel Andre gives these characters just little something in these few pages to make them real characters and just flat substances to the storie. The stories itself are fastpaced (duh they are short sories)and well very enjoyable.
These are horror/suspense stories, but since the scenes aren't that detailed these stories can be read by  anyone who likes a little creepy in his/here reads.


Ok thanks to Joel Andre I have one ecopy of his novel "Kill 4 Me" to giveaway.

After a car accident that claimed the life of her sister, she has struggled to return to a normal life. But on a cold winter day what seemed like a harmless text on her cell phone changed everything. 
Now Casey will try to do anything to protect her and her family and friends against a vengeful spirit. Even kill. Who is the spirit stalking Casey and how far will it push her into the darkness of madness? 
Come enjoy a grisly tale, woven with mystery and intrigue where once you think you have it all figured out, you find out you're dead wrong.

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  1. I personally loved Brutal. I thought it was well told. I have entered the contest as well. Thanks for the chance to win this book!