Guest Post Aida Brassington + Giveaway!

So today I am very happy to welcome Aida Brassington back to the blog. And today she will share with us the role food plays in her stories.
Also at the botom of the post Aida will tell you how you can win a digital copy of her latest novel 'Chasing Fools'.

I seem to always be writing about food. Don’t believe me? The last time Kim was good enough to host me, I talked about therole of food in my debut novel, BETWEENSEASONS. So maybe it’s no surprise that my new novel, CHASING FOOLS, is so food-focused: it tells the story of Varda Dorfman, a woman who makes her living as an illegal foods smuggler.


Guest post R.J. Sullivan

So today R.J. Sullivan stops by for his Haunting Obsession Blog Tour.
I asked him to tell us a little bit about his writing habbits/quirks and this is what he had to share about it which includes his little mermaid mug.....


The Mermaid Mug and a Few Other Things

Welcome to day six of the R.J. Sullivan blog tour. Today I want to thank Bookishly Me for hosting this post and thank Seventh Star Press as always for setting up this opportunity.

So--the topic is personal writing quirks and habits. So let's begin with, anyone who follows me on Facebook knows I frequently begin my day reference that I am drinking coffee in my ceramic Little Mermaid Mug. Let me assure you that every time I post this, it is absolutely true.