Guest Post Anya Wylde

Today I have the lovely Anya Wylde over on the blog. She is the author of The Wicked Wager, a humorous murder mystery & romance set in Regency England.

And as you know I always like to hear about any quirks or habits authors have and this is what Anya had to share about them.......


On my quirks and habits

No one asks a waiter, cobbler or a property salesman how they prepare for their work day. A quick Google search tells me that one famous author wrote completely supine, sipping tea, sherry, or brandy throughout the day. Another famous author painted himself green and went off to write in a sleepy little village where no one knew him. Another wrote entirely in his underwear. Some forgo even that article of clothing. No wonder an author’s quirks and habits always seem to interest the reading public.

I don’t paint myself green, don a moustache and leave for an undisclosed location to write. Nor do I have a particular music play list that I listen to over and over again. I like silence.