Cruise to Murder by Zoey and Claire Kane

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Series: The Zoey and Claire Mystery Series #2
Publisher: Breezy Reads
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Source: I received an ecopy from the author

When The Sunburst, an elite celebrity cruise ship, sets sail to Kinikiwiki Island, trouble follows billionaire Felix Belmont across the high seas. The curiosity of a mother-daughter-duo gets them tangled up in voodoo, murders and an international conspiracy surrounding him. The islanders don't know it, but their lives are all in danger, too... And their only hope is vacationers Zoey and Claire Kane. 

After the whole ordeal with their new home the Hillgate Mansion Zoey and Claire are in need of a vacation. To bad this is not going to be one where they can relax. This time they go on a cruise and keep bumping into dead bodies, if only that was the worst they will encounter on this vacation.

This story is a little more fast pasted then the first one. On every corner Zoey and Claire seem to bump into either trouble or a dead body. Now you think Zoey and Claire have to get scared or al least a bit nervous and they are at times, but most of all they laugh it off. Sometimes they may joke at a time when it isn't exactly appropriate. And where the first book didn't give you a chance to take a guess at the bad guy, this book does. And although chances are you will guess who it is, this gives the story that little extra. I love taking a guess at who did it. 
Cruise to Murder is, just as The Riddles of Hillgate, a fast, fun and entertaining read. Yet again this is not a book to take to seriously, but it is defenitely one to enjoy.

My rating 3/5

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