Night huntress serie by Jeaniene Frost

Let me begin by saying this is one of my favorite series I've read.
I only started reading it last month, but I've read them all (except for Eternal Kiss of Darkness because I'm stil waiting on that one)

Halfway to the grave is the first novel in this serie.

Half-vampire Catherine Crawfield is going after the undead with a vengeance, hoping that one of those deadbeats is her father - the guy responsible or ruining her mother's life. But when she's captured by Bones, a bounty hunter and a vampire, she finds hersel forced into an unholy partnership. In exchange for his help in finding her farther, and still astonihed she hasn't ended up as his dinner, Cat agrees to train with te sexy night stalker until het battle reflexes are as sharp as his fangs. But that's not all Bones has to show her - Cat's starting to believe vampires aren't all evil after all, especially ones as cute as Bones. She's half cinvinced that being half-dead doesn't have to be all bad. But before she can enjoy her newfound status as confident kick-ass demon hunter, Cat finds herself, and Bones, hotly pursued by a band of killers. She's going to ave to pick a side - and fast....(book cover)

This book is amazing! It's full of action, humour and a (hot) love story. About everything a good Urban Fantasy needs for me. I just couln't stop reading (took me less than a day to finish it)...I just had to know how this would end. I laughed out loud and was biting my fingernails in suspence.
I just instantly fell in love with the characters Cat and Bones (and their relationship) Cat is brought up believing all vampires are evil and now she kinda has to work with one. Than Bones trains Cat in te most (well how do I put this) 'interresting' way....It makes for some interresting scenes.
I must say the ending wasn't what I expected, but I can appriciate that in a book You know not the standard ....and they lived happily ever after shit (just hate that)

Jeaniene Frost knows how to bring characters to life.

This book is a must read!

Just as the folowing novels in this serie:
- One foot in the grave;
- At graves end;
- Destined for an early grave.

And the Night Huntress World serie:
- Last drop of Crimson;
- Eternal Kiss of Darkness.

I love love love this serie and I'm waiting (im)patiently till the bookstore lets me know Eternal Kiss of Darkness is there waiting for me to be picked up (yeah sometimes it suckes living in Holland because I couldn't pre-order it) and ofcourse february next year is the 5th night huntress novel "This side of the grave" coming out.

Rating: 5/5

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