Happy 2012! New year so new goals

Happy New Year Everybody!
I hope 2012 will be great a year for you with lots of love, good health, happiness and lots of fun.....ohw and good books offcourse.

So a new year and that means new goals.

So I have a few when it comes to reading/blogging and life.


  1. I want to read 100 books a year so this year I'm going to do it. In 2011 I read 87 books, but didn't read much the last 3 months. So I do believe I can read 100 books this year.
  2. I am going to do a better job with my reading challenges. I only finished one this year and that was the suspence reading challenge from Book Chick City. I still have to enter reading challenges but I think I will enter 3 this year and finish them all.
  3. I'm going to blog more. More reviews and more bookish things. 
  4. Change the look of my blog. I have been meaning to do this for a while now and I already started it (thanks to the free avatar from Miss Pickles Design Studio) but I want more.
  5. Comment more and reply to comments more.
  6. I do think I should use Twitter more so I shall use Twitter more.


  1. I quit smoking last wednesday and now I need to make sure it stays that way. And so far it has not been to bad I just need to stay away from people who smoke for now.
  2. I need to work out more. Ok I don't work out so I need to start working out! 
  3. Finish my house. I still need to paint a lot and change the furniture. So this is the year I will do this.
  4. Save. To do the above I need to save.
  5. Organize. I need to get more organized. 
  6. Have fun! The most important one of all!
So these are my goals for 2012. What are your goals when it comes to reading, blogging and/or life???

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