Bone Wires by Michael Shean

Genre: Science Fiction / Crime
Publisher: Curiosity Quills
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Source: I received a copy from the author

In the wasteland of commercial culture that is future America, police are operated not by government but by private companies.
 In Seattle, that role is filled by Civil Protection, and Daniel Gray is a detective in Homicide Solutions. What used to be considered an important - even glamorous - department for public police is very different for the corporate species, and Gray finds himself stuck in a dead end job. That is, until the Spine Thief arrives.
 When a serial killer begins harvesting the spinal tissue of corporate employees all over the city, Detective Gray finds himself plunged into the first truly major case of his career. Caught in a dangerous mix of murder, betrayal and conflicting corporate interest, Gray will find himself not only matching wits with a diabolical murderer but grapple with his growing doubt toward his employers in the dawning months of the American tricentennial.
 A thrilling mystery set in the same world as the Wonderland Cycle, Bone Wires is a grim trip into the streets of the empty future.

I absolutely loved the premise of this story and the story itself did not disapoint.

Dan Grey works as a homicide detective and dreams of a big break (or a sexy case as he calls it) so he can get his Amber badge. And this happens when he gets three homicides in the same week. Working to solve these cases with limited resources Dan will find out not everything is what it may seem.

Dan Grey is a character that can annoy the hell out of me but not enough that I dislike him. He is a good detective with his heart in the right place that has some serious jealousy issues. He wants to get up the corporate ladder and the sooner the better. 

I liked the world created by mr. Shean. This whole world about a corporate police department is a very unsettling thought, I mean it isn’t great to know the ploce will solve crimes only to make profit. The police here also think that they are better then the other just by their rank and please don’t let anybody higher in rank get on your case because that is bad. Yeah teamwork isn’t a big part here in solving crimes.

I really did get annoyed by the fact that seemingly a lot of people here are very beautiful and this isn’t stated ones but numerous times.

Due to the horrific crimes and the strong language in this book I can definitely say this is not a book for everyone, but if you can handle it I can recommend this to you because it is a fast read, a good story in a great, but unsettling world.

My rating: 3/5


Michael Shean was born amongst the sleepy hills and coal mines of southern West Virginia in 1978. Taught to read by his parents at a very early age, he has had a great love of the written word since the very beginning of his life. Growing up, he was often plagued with feelings of isolation and loneliness; he began writing off and on to help deflect this, though these themes are often explored in his work as a consequence. At the age of 16, Michael began to experience a chain of vivid nightmares that has continued to this day; it is from these aberrant dreams that he draws inspiration.

In 2001 Michael left West Virginia to pursue a career in the tech industry, and he settled in the Washington, DC area as a web designer and graphic artist. As a result his writing was put aside and not revisited until five years later. In 2006 he met his current fiancee, who urged him to pick up his writing once more. Several years of work and experimentation yielded the core of what would become his first novel, Shadow of a Dead Star (2011). Michael is currently signed with Curiosity Quills Press, who has overtaken publication of Shadow of a Dead Star and the other books of his Wonderland Cycle.

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