Top Ten Tuesday #2

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by Tahleen @ The Broke and the Bookish.

This weeks feature:
Top Ten Books I Resolve To Read In 2013

Yes I am going to try this again. I failed miserably last year when it came to read the books I really wanted to read because I read none. So I got a new list of the books I want to read this year in no particular order.

10) Feed and Deadline by Mira Grant - I still have not started reading this one *hangs head in shame*

9) Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn - I have heard very good things about this one so I really look forward to reading it.

8) The Night Stalker and The Death Sculptor by Chris Carter - I loved the first 2 books in the Robert Hunter Series 

7) A Million Suns by Beth Revis - Yeas I really enjoyed Across the Universe so looking forward to see how Amy and Elder will survive on the Godspeed

6) Ashfall by Mike Mullin - I love disaster movies so I am always looking for books that have the same subject

5) White Horse by Alex Adam - I heard really great thing about this one and I really enjoy Dystopian 

4) Outpost by Ann Aguirre - I loved Enclave and this is not the only book by Ann Aguirre I want to read. I love the writing so I also got Grimspace

3) Outpost by Adam Baker -  I bought it after I read the blurb, sounds really interesting.

2) The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell - I heard great things about this one and the second in the series is out now so it is about time I read this one.

1) Genesis by Krisi Keley - I love the On the Soul series. Still waiting for this one to be released but I am waiting patiently.

And these are the books I resolve to read in 2013.

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  1. Ugh, I have to get to Feed too- and I want to read it, but it's been lingering on my Kindle for well over a year now... And because I have so many books I really need to read, it didn't even make my Top Ten list.

    Hope you enjoy Gone Girl!

  2. I need to read Ashfall, I've had it on my to-be-read pile ever since I heard about it and that was more than six months ago. I already read Outpost and I was disappointed with it. It lacks the action and feelings that made me LOVE Enclave.

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  3. I just read Gone Girl. I liked it but I was expecting to either hate it or love it.
    Feed is on our list too!
    Ashfall has such a cute love interest. She's kickass.
    Our TTT

  4. What a great list. I need to read nearly all of them. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Years and happy reading!

    Here are the books I resolve to read

    ~Danica Page
    Taking it One Page at a Time

  5. A Million Suns is on my list as well! Great picks :)

    Here's my Top Ten!