Gray Widow's Walk & Gray Widow's Web by Dan Jolley


Grey Widow's Web_Final_1200X800I am a huge superhero movie fan, but don't really read any superhero books, so I was really looking forward to reading Gray Widow's Walk and Gray Widow's Web by Dan Jolly. I was not really sure what to expect because books and movies are not the same, but I am definately not disapointed. 

Gray Widow's Walk is a very good start of the series. We get to know Janey and her ability. I liked her she is well developed and believable. Also the side cast is well developed and really add to the story. I also very much liked the added love interest. It didnot felt forced. 

Besides being action packed the story is well thought out. And that is also what got me hooked. Dan has an amazing writing style that makes the story come alive and made me keep reading just to see what would happen next.

Gray Widow's Web is a sequel that does justice to the the first book. Written in the same manner, but Dan "upped the ante" with this one. I do not want to tell anymore about the story because the
synopsis says is all. So I will stick with Dan's writing style because he really does know how to pull me into the story. His well placed and thought out plots really work also since there is no waisted space. Everything happens for a reason, there is always something going on without it being too much.

I enjoyed seeing Janey develop further and see how she deals with everything comingher ay, Her interaction with Tim is great, but I also like the other characters that have entered.They all play their part that is crucial to the story.

Luckily I was able to read the first 2 books in the series back to back, sad part is that I now have to wait until Gray Widow's War will be published. If you enjoy superhero stories you should put these books high on your to-read list 

My rating: 4/5

Book Synopsis for Gray Widow's Web: JANEY SINCLAIR never knew how or why she gained her ability to teleport. She never wanted it, and for years tried her best to ignore it. But when horrible violence shattered her world, she vowed to use her mysterious talent to protect the citizens of Atlanta, in an effort to prevent anyone else from suffering the kind of agony she had. Wearing a suit of stolen military body armor, Janey became known to the public as the GRAY WIDOW.
But now the extraterrestrial source of her “Augmentation” is about to reveal itself, in an event that will profoundly impact Janey’s life and the lives of those closest to her—
TIM KAPOOR, who barely survived the assault of twisted, bloodthirsty shapeshifter Simon Grove and still struggles to pull himself together, both physically and mentally.
NATHAN PITTMAN, the teenager who got shot trying to imitate Janey’s vigilante tactics, and has since become obsessed with the Gray Widow.
SHA’DAE WILKERSON, Janey’s neighbor and newfound best friend, whose instant chemistry with Janey may have roots that neither of them fully understand. And Janey’s going to need all the help she can get, because one of the other Augments has her sights set on the Gray Widow. The terrifying abomination known as APHRODITE LUPO is more powerful and lethal than anyone or anything Janey has ever faced. And Aphrodite is determined to recruit Janey to her twisted cause…or take her off the field for good.
Unrelenting ghosts of the past clash with the vicious threats of the future. Janey’s destiny bursts from the shadows into the light in GRAY WIDOW’S WEB, leaving the course of humanity itself forever changed.

About the author: Dan Jolley started writing professionally at age nineteen. Beginning in comic books, he soon branched out into original novels, licensed-property novels, children’s books, and video games. His twenty-six-year career includes the YA sci-fi/espionage trilogy Alex Unlimited; the award-winning comic book mini-series Obergeist; the Eisner Award-nominated comic book mini-series JSA: The Liberty Files; and the Transformers video games War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron. Dan was co-writer of the world-wide-bestselling zombie/parkour game Dying Light, and is the author of the Middle Grade Urban Fantasy novel series Five Elements. Dan lives somewhere in the northwest Georgia foothills with his wife Tracy and a handful of largely inert cats. Learn more about Dan by visiting his website, www.danjolley.com, and follow him on Twitter @_DanJolley.

Author Links:
Twitter: @_DanJolley
Website: www.danjolley.com

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