When a young college professor is brutally murdered in a small Georgia town, pediatrician and coroner Sara Linton conducts the autopsy that reveals the full extent of a twisted killer at work. As Sara's ex-husband, police chief Jeffery Tolliver, leads the investigation, a second victim is found crucified. However, it's Sara who holds the key to finding the killer--a secret from her past that can unmask a malevolent psychopath. (Bookcover)

(I read this book in Dutch So it means a differtent cover with a different name in the picture)

This is the first novel in the Grant County serie.

Alright to begin I want to say this book really isn't for the faint hearted. Karin Slaughter really knows how to write a graphic story.....crime scenes and crimes itself are written in detail and it isn't pretty.

The book is about Sara Linton the pediatricion and the towns coroner, Jeffrey Tolliver the chief of police and Sarah's ex-husband and Lena Adams police detective working under Jeffrey and she's the twinsister of the first murder victom. This makes it quite the interesting bunch. The characters are well developed people with flaws. Sometimes they anoy the hell out of you but still you can understand here the come from. Kinda like real people....don't we all know people like that?

For me this was a really good "who done it" You see the Sara, Jeffrey ad Lena trying to find and put all the puzzle pieces together to find the killler. Each with there own motives. Some dark secrets get revealed along the way and what is going to happen with the (broken) relationship between Sara and Jeffrey.

This book is a fast paced pageturner and well written. Karin Slaughter really delivers a great first novel.

Rating: 5/5

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