His darkest hunger

Jaxon Castile: jaguar shifter, warrior, assasin. He has long hungered for the chance to make his former lover, Libb Jamieson, pay for her deadley betrayal. After three long years he has found her. The hunt is over...

But the Libby that he finds is not ehat he expected.She has no memory of their tumultuous affair, of her treachery, of anything beyond her own name. A shadowy and deadly clan has marked them both for death, and in an instant, the game changes: the hunter ha become the hunted.

On the run, with the gosts of their past between them and a dark, desperate hunger quickly reclaiming their bodies and souls, Libby and Jaxon must discover the truth behind the dark forces working against them. Together, they must grab hold of a destiny that has the power to either heal them or distroy them.

But the truth is far more shattering than annyone could imagine.....(bookcover)

This is the first novel of the Jaguar warriors series.

This is Juliana Stone's first novel and boy does she deliver....

Jason has been hunting his ex-lover Libby for three years. He has finally found her and wants to make her pay for her betrayel to the antiterrorst unit they both worked and where a team mate died. He is all set to kill her when he decides to confront her first. He finds out she doesn't remember him or anything for that mather. Libby has turned into a whole other person, this woman is weak and in pour health totally not the woman he once loved and now hates. When a sniper takes a shot at him he realizes he has been set up.
Instead of killing Libby he takes her with him to his compound to try and find out who is after him and what happened to Libby.

After some tests it's clear that Libby has been tortured and a spell has made sure she can't remember a thing. The dark mage of the team, Declan can't do anything about the spell because he fears it will kill her. So she has to remember it by herself. But does she want to know what happens.

Has the story progresses Libby does get her memory back and it gives her something to fight for. With her regain of her memory, her strenght and determination return also.
Jaxon, Libby, Declan and Ana (the other team mate who also happens to be a vampire) and their soon joined by Jaxon's broters, go after the ones who are trying to kill them, although Libby has another reason to go after them.......

The chemistry between Libby an Jaxon is just fantastic. You can feel the draw between them but Jaxon keeps pushing it away because he has been hating Libby for three years. He is confused and frustrated over the physical attraction he strongly feels towards Libby and takes his frustration out on Libby. She also feels the physical atraction eventhough she can't remember their relationship. And although Jaxon goes from hot to cold towards her she has this feeling she's safe around him.

This story has a lot of twists and plots and the ending keeps you asking for more. It's an open ending and you just want to know what more is in store for them. I'ts fast paced and the romance scenes ar hot! This is one of those books you have trouble with putting down.

My rating: 4/5

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