You are next by Katia Lief

An ex-cop with a death wish. A serial killer with a gruesome agenda....

Detective Karin Schaffer was a happily married moter until she got too close to catching a serial killer.
The press nickname him The Domino Killer because he systematically murders whole familie, leaving a trail of bloody dominoes as the only clues to his next victim. Having brutally slain Karin's husband and child, he had had left het a chilling message written in her daughters blood: You Are Next.
And now the Domino Killer has escaped prison and the police believe he's on his way to find her. But Karin is waiting..... (backcover)

After reading the back cover I was looking forward to reading this. This book was not I was expecting it to be.

The story is about Karin ex- cop who lost her child and husband to a serial killer. He killed them because she caught him by accident. The story starts off a while after these events. So what we are left with is a first person story told from a depressed and suicidal woman. So after he escapes she waits for him, she knows exactly how he will enter her house (and yes that happens just the way she expects it) but fights back ones she figures out he is going to kill the rest of her family. He escapes, she is hurt and now they are going to try to catch this guy.

This guy escaped not once but twice. leaves domino's at the scene to let them know who is next the problem with this is the numbers are in any particular order and can mean anything from an age, to a birthday, to the last number of a social security number or a house adress, which kind of makes them useless unless you know where to look. And of course they know where to look this time.

There wasn't a single moment when I read this I was on the edge of my seat not when the guy was there to murder her nor when her niece disappeared. There were no fancy twists or plots nothing made me go "What!" or "Wow". When the crimes of this guy were described all I thought was "Mwaw". It was predictable.
You should think that you feel something for this woman or her family but to be honest I couldn't care less if anything happened to anyone of them.

But I must say this is an easy read and I went true it no time. And I still picked the book up to finish it. Katia's writing style is good, the story was just way to predictable.

My rating: 2/5

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