The innocent

Matt Hunter's life has already been blown away once. At the age of twenty, he got into a fight outside a party and accidentally killed someone. That momentary lapse of reason cost him four years in gaol, and a small sliver of his soul. But when he got out he set about rebuilding his life. He carved himself a job as a lawyer and married a beautiful woman. The break in the road seems to have only made him a stronger person. However, when he receives a strange video message on his mobile phone and he realises that a very bad man is following him, his new existence is suddenly under threat. Why is this ex-con on his tail, and who really is this woman he has married? Suddenly Matt can't trust anybody - least of all those he loves...(bookcover)

I really liked this book. I read it in just one day.....just had to know how this would end.

This book is about Matt. After spending some time in jail he is bettering his life. He works at a lawfirm and is married. But how well does he know his wife and what is up with this video message he gets from his wife.
And when the police gets after him for 3 murders it's time to find out what is going on....

This was good from beginning to end.....right from the start you get the idea of where this book is going......and in the end it's just not like what you thought it would be.

Expect the unexpected with Harlan Coben I would say, cause nothing is what it seems.

Rating: 5/5

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