Mira has been a nightwalker for centuries, travelling the globe as an enforcer for a secretive, powerful organization. But this vampire has a secret that makes her a valuable target: the unheralded ability to create fire. And after many centuries, she's finally met her match in Danaus - a vampire hunter with his own mysterious past. But the cat and mouse game between nightwalker and hunter quickly turns into something far more deadly. For a portal has been opened to other worlds, and the ancient, immortal enemies are returning to the world. And the web of lies and secrets leads directly to the vampire triad who raised Mira. After a brutal betrayal, Mira has only one choice: hunt...or be hunted. (bookcover)

I liked this one. It has action, surprises and treason. The leadcharacter is Mira a 600 year old vampire who can control fire. She is a kickass woman and takes great care in protecting the balans between vampires and Lycantrhopes and making sure no human finds out about her species in her city. Then there is Danaus....he's a vampirehunter, chatolic and something else (we don't know what he is, just that he lived for centuries) He stayed in a monestry for a while where he was taught that vampires are evil, killers. When he gets to know Mira a little better he begins to question that. The chemistry between Mira and Danaus is great. They keep protecting eachother just so they can kill the other themselves.
What I  really liked is that there is another 'creature' introduced to us in the serie....the Naturi.....and they're like the ultimate evil in this book.....bad for nightwalkers, lycanthropes and humans....
But it's the plot that did it for me. The plot makes you want to read the next book, just to see what Mira is going to do with this revelation. The ending is just so unexpected it leaves you asking for more.

Rating: 5/5

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