Wisp a small town nightmare by Kevin R Maze

There is a psychotic killer on the loose in Ellerton, Alabama. Sheriff Stan Murphy and his paranormal journalist nephew, Alex Fiedler, have their hands full keeping the townspeople calm while ensuring that the city officials remain satisfied with their progress. The killer shows no sign of stopping as the bodies pile up and the physical evidence defies explanation. Someting strange is afoot in Ellerton and Alex is not the only one considering otherworld answers. (Backcover)

From the moment I read the blurb of this novel I knew I wanted to read it. The story sounded really good and well give me a book with a serial killer and I'm all happy (yeah I know me and my twisted little mind)

Wisp is what you get when you put some gruesome killings, well developed characters, a dash of horror and a great plot together.

The story is told from different points of view. We hear from different townspeople so we get see what these murders did to these people and how they reacted to them. But the most part the main focus are Stan and Alex trying to fit all the puzzle pieces together. Stan from a cop’s point of view and Alex is trying to get Stan to look outside of the box.

So now to the murders.

We have a few clues here. A few misshaped footprints at the first murder that stop a few feet from the body. Than after the third murder we get some DNA, but the person has a solid alibi and definitely couldn't have done it.

The three victims don't seem to have anything connecting them to each other. The first victim, a real estate agent, is killed in the woods. The second, a teenage girl who snuck out of the house to go on a date with her boyfriend, on the street a few meters from her home. And the third, a no good, lowlife, girlfriend beating, bastard (sorry can't think of another thing to call him, well maybe worse) inside a locked bathroom.
Then there are the townspeople who all know each other, who have their own little secrets and cannot be connected to all of the murders.

So who's done it?????

Yes well for that you will have to read the book because I'm not going to tell you and Kevin saves that one for the end.

My rating: 4/5

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